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Please note we now require a form of ID for all adoptions.

Adoption Information

Adoption Process
Fees Explained
1 Month Free Insurance
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Adoption Fees
Adoption Process

The Adoption Procedure

1) Pop into us or view our animals online.

2) Reservation paperwork to be signed.

3) Make Payment or setup payment scheme.

4) Home Visit (£3 minimum donation) Unless you are purchasing a setup from us.

5) Final Payment.

6) Adoption papers to be signed.

7) As long as the animals environment is safe and setup you can then take the animal.

Adoption Certificate

Your get your very one certificate from us showing your adoption of your animal. 

The adoption certificate will be paper and digital.

1 Month Free Pet Insurance

We are currently partnered with Exotic Direct for reptile insurance. Get 1 Month free Or Discounts for annual plans.

What Are The Benefits To Adopting With Us?

If you adopt with us you will get the following;

  • 3% Off full setup*
  • 30 Days Free Insurance
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Free Care Sheet

*To qualify for 3% off you will need to adopt an animal from us.
Fees Explained

No Money For Animals

No money before, during or after an adoption is for the animal.

Due to being an animal rescue to do not charge for the animal, insted we recuperate the costs of each animal through our adoption fee.

What does this mean?

Basically you pay nothing for the animal itself and pay the rescue for the following;

  • Rescue of the animal.
  • Housing the animal.
  • Feeding of the animal.
  • Providing treatment to the animal.

Adoption Fee

Our adoption fee is to help recuperate the cost of the following;

  • Stool and Blood testing for each new animals in isolation.
  • Medical cost of ill animals taken in.
  • Electricity Costs
  • Feeding Costs
  • Medical needs of permanently ill animals.
  • Costs of substrate.
  • Costs of housing.
  • Costs of lighting.
  • Costs of heating.

Vetting Fee

When you own your own setup we will need to come and check it out. This cost time and traveling expenses. 

For this we charge a small minimum donation of £3.

Admin Fee

Our admin fee is to help cover the costs of the paperwork for adoptions.

During the process of rescuing, until the time of adopting there is a lot of paperwork and records involved with every animal. 

At the time of adoption there is a transfer of ownership document to ensure the client is happy to move ownership from the old owner to us Liverpool Reptile Rescue. 

This Transfer of Ownership form holds all the data possible about the animal and its details.

At the time of adoption there is our adoption forms, care sheets, insurance voucher and our new adoption certificates with authentic certificate paper.

1 Month Free Insurance

Partnered With Exotic Direct

Looking for the 'Fur Free Doesn't Mean Carefree' report?

ExoticDirect has over 20 years experience of insuring exotic animals and our policies are devised by people with practical experience of birds, exotic mammals and reptiles. So, whether it’s a parrot, rabbit, lizard, tortoise, rat, owl, micro-pig or even a monkey, ExoticDirect will have a policy to suit your requirements.

The veterinary costs to treat your pet can be expensive; on average we meet in excess of £260,000* of claims a year! 

ExoticDirect offers a range of policies which may include the following:

  • Veterinary Fee Cover
  • Death and loss of your pet by theft
  • Death or injury of your pet by weather perils
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Dangerous Wild Animal Public Liability Insurance

What Exotic Direct offer:

  • Veterinary Fee Cover
  • Replacement cost in the event of death or theft of your pet
  • Interest Free direct debit payments
  • Dedicated independent theft assessor
  • Free lost and found service
View Our Animals

View Our Animals

We are currently working on a new system and hope to have this section working soon. 

Adoption Fees


Iguanas £80.00

Water Dragon £30.00

Crested Gecko £40.00

Leopard Gecko £40.00

Chameleon £60.00

Bearded Dragon £45.00

Nile Water Monitor £90


Burmese python £80.00

Boa Constrictor £65.00

Carpet Pythons £65.00

Royal Python £45.00

Milks £40.00

Kings £45.00

Corns £40.00

Northern Pine Snake £60

Other Reptiles

Herman Tortoise £80.00

Horsefield Tortoise £80.00

Russian Tortoise £80.00

Leopard Tortoise £90.00

Spur Thighed Tortoises £90.00

Furry Friends

Ferret £20.00

Hamster £3.00

Guinea Pig £10.00