Commercial Events


As well as domestic events, we also provide our services to schools, nurseries, pre-schools, scouts/cubs/brownies/rainbows groups and more. The sessions will be tailored to the relevant age and needs of the groups.

These visits are fun, interesting and educational, allowing the children to get up close to the animals and hold/touch them if they wish to.

During the sessions, as the animals are displayed, we discuss their different life cycles, what they eat, where they are from and the habitat they live in etc., and other interesting facts to engage the children. We also answer any questions that the children throw at me about the various animals.

If you would like me to concentrate on any particular topics with the children, such as Habitats or Senses etc., please contact me to discuss further and I will be happy to oblige.

We consider the following a Commercial Event;

  • School/Village Fetes and Feitivals
  • Schools, Colleges, Secure Training Units
  • Corporate Events, Reptile Roadshow
  • Fundraising Events
  • Special Needs Groups
  • Vulnerable Children and Adults
  • And many other animal parties!

What do we do at these events?

  • We will bring along some amazing animals
  • We will show how to handle them
  • We will speak about some of there amazing features and all round general information.
  • We will have quiz papers and more upon request.

Information & Donation


This will be for approximately an hour long, fun and interesting, hands-on animal show, for up to 30 children. The children will get to meet and have the chance to hold a variety of animals including various snakes, lizards and insects. 

·  School Visits - £100 Minimum Donation per class (max 30 children). 

Each classroom session will last 45 – 60 minutes

·  Discounts available for multiple classes

·  Cubs/Scouts/Brownie Groups - £85 Minimum Donation per group

The educational visits can be tailored for nurseries, pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, after school clubs, cubs, brownies, scout groups etc.

Sessions last for approximately one hour and provide a fun, interesting and educational experience for the children, teachers and group leaders alike.

PLEASE NOTE: We need a minimum of 1 months booking notice to arrange the event.


We have just updated our Parties and & Events Page. Included on this page is a simplistic form that even allows you to donate online. 

How dose this benefit you?

By paying on line you are securing your booking. No one can book once paid for. Also you do not need to necessarily need to come into our offices. 

What about if there is already a booking done for that day? 

No problem, if the time and date you have chosen is taken we will work to find a time and/or date that is free. If we can not your payment will be refunded in full. 

Coming Soon Professional Photography

Professional Photography

We are in the process of setting up professional photography s you can get your children's experiences on photo and remember it for life.

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Our Form

All request for parties need to complete this form and make a donation at time of booking.

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