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​Heat Mat Awareness Campaign

Every day a animal and/or home gets damaged through not understanding their heat mat.

Heat mats can cause 2nd to 3rd degree burns, it is essential as a animal keeper that you check your heat mats regularly as possible even with stats in place. Stats can also become faulty, please test by holding the sensor with one hand and one hand on the heat mat. If the heat mat do not go off after reaching optimum temperature replace your stat.

Start protecting you and your pets!

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Why do heat mats overheat?

Heat mats can over heat for a number of reasons, here is a list of some of the reasons.

  • Pressure on the heat mat causing it to super heat.
  • Water spillage can cause it to shrink causing over heating and warping of the heat mat.
  • No thermostat attached!

How to protect your animal and your home?

Habistats (Thermostats)

You can protect yourself and your animals that use heat mats by;

  • Placing the heat mat on the exterior of the housing
  • Check once a week or at least once a month
  • Do not place decorations or ornaments on the heat mat
  • Purchase a thermostat. We sell habitats at Liverpool Reptile Rescue.

Walk in or order on line protect your animal by purchasing a thermostat. You can see some thermostat below.
Protect your home and pets!