Opening Times & Out Of Hours

Our Center Opening Times

Monday - 10AM to 6PM

Tuesday - 10AM to 6PM

Wednesday - 10AM to 6PM

Thursday - 10AM to 6PM

Friday - 10AM to 6PM

Saturday - 10AM to 6PM

Sunday Closed


0151 272 0125

0151 558 1770

Animal Ambulance

Sometimes things can happen when you least expect it, that's why our Animal Ambulance runs day and night. 

For use of the ambulance after 5PM then please press 0 to get to out of hours.

Book Our Ambulance

Out Of HOurs

Monday - 5PM to 10AM

Tuesday - 5PM to 10aM

Wednesday - 5PM to 10AM

Thursday - 5PM to 10AM

Friday - 5PM to 10AM

Saturday - 5PM to 10AM

Sunday - All Day

Out Of Hours Phone

0151 272 0125

0151 558 1770

Press Option 0 for out of hours

This service is for the following.

Help, Advice and Information

Waiting List Submission


Emergency Rescues*

Emergency Animal Ambulance**

* Loss of home or free roaming animal loose in your premisses.

** For Emergency Vet Appointments Only.