Liverpool Reptile Rescue C.I.C

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All visitors welcome.

We are open from 10AM till 5PM, you can come in to see all our animals and hold them.

Please note that due to new legislations Liverpool Council is trying to force us to buy a pet shop licence. As we have stated very clearly on our website and verbally we are not a pet shop we are an Animal Rescue that also sells pet products to help with the running cost of a rescue.

Also due to this new licence we may have to change our adoption fees to one flat fee for all animals, this is still being investigated and hope to know what we are and are not allowed to do as a rescue.

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fee is to help recuperate the cost of the following;

  • Stool and Blood testing for each new animals in isolation.
  • Medical cost of ill animals taken in.
  • Electricity Costs
  • Feeding Costs
  • Medical needs of permanently ill animals.
  • Costs of substrate.
  • Costs of housing.
  • Costs of lighting.
  • Costs of heating.


Iguanas £80.00

Water Dragon £30.00

Crested Gecko £40.00

Leopard Gecko £40.00

Chameleon £60.00

Bearded Dragon £45.00

Nile Water Monitor £90


Burmese python £80.00

Boa Constrictor £65.00

Carpet Pythons £65.00

Royal Python £45.00

Milks £40.00

Kings £45.00

Corns £40.00

Northern Pine Snake £60

Other Reptiles

Herman Tortoise £80.00

Horsefield Tortoise £80.00

Russian Tortoise £80.00

Leopard Tortoise £90.00

Spur Thighed Tortoises £90.00

Small Animals

Ferret £20.00

Hamster £3.00

Guinea Pig £10.00